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Preparing thresholds for csQCA

The Prepare Thresholds feature adds a thresholds management feature to the Add-In.


To use the Add-In, open the Excel file available here. The Add-In comes with a digital signature issued to Lasse Cronqvist. Please check this signature in Excel (sadly, signatures are not shown on MacOS). If you are requested to confirm the use of the document, do so.

To prepare a data set and to perform a simple csQCA calculation, select the QCA menu in the menu bar. The QCA menu should be placed at the right side in the menu bar.

Prepare data

Select the data to be prepared in the analysis in the data file.

The data can be placed anywhere in the data sheet, but the name of the conditions and the outcome must be found in the first row and this row must be selected as well. Also, the case identifiers must be placed in the first selected column.

To create the data set for csQCA, press the Prepare thresholds icon.

Edit the thresholds by simply entering the threshold values above the name of the condition/outcome.

Perform the csQCA

After editing the threshold, the prepared data set can be used for a csQCA calculation. Select the prepared data to be included in the data set for QCA. You've to select all column including the header. Do not include the 'threshold' row!

Then select the csQCA item in the QCA menu.

If the data selected is a valid data set for QCA analysis, the QCA Window will appear.

Please refer to the HowTO csQCA page for further instructions on the use of the add-in for csQCA.

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Preparing thresholds for csQCA

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Source of data: Rihoux, Benoît and De Meur, Gisèle (2009), 'Crisp-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (csQCA)', in Benoît Rihoux and Charles C. Ragin (eds.), Configurational Comparative Methods. Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) and Related Techniques, Thousand Oaks: Sage. 33-68.

If you use the add-in, please cite like this: Cronqvist, Lasse. 2019. QCA Add-In [Version 1.1]. University of Trier. Internet: https://www.qca-addin.net/

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