QCA Add-In


The QCA add-in allows QCA calculations within Excel. The Add-In can be used for csQCA, mvQCA as well as for fsQCA. More informations about QCA can be found on the website of Charles Ragin and the COMPASSS Research Group.

The add-in is provided by Lasse Cronqvist (University of Trier, Germany).

The Add-In does work under Mac OS as well (tested with Office 365 on macOS mojave 10.14.2).

Short descriptions on how to use the macro are available here: Using the add-in for csQCA, using the add-in for fsQCA). Also, the prepare threshold function allows the direct use of thresholds within the add-in.

If you use the add-in, please cite like this:Cronqvist, Lasse. 2019. QCA Add-In [Version 1.1]. University of Trier. https://www.qca-addin.net


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 Preparing thresholds for csQCA

  HowTo csQCA

  HowTo fsQCA

To get started, download the compressed file linked below and extract it. The add-in is included as a excel file including macros.
This add-ion is written to promote the use of QCA. Major efforts are taken to obtain a as fautless application as possible, but it comes without any warranty. Please do always check the results with other software packages prior to publication!
Please be sure you understand the risk coming with macros within Excel before opening the add-in.
  Download the QCA Add-In
Version: 1.1
Release date: February 22nd 2019
MD5-Checksum (ZIP-File): ea0dc11024822a54a4da9fcc40c85c53

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